Who Went To Comfort The Children?

How do you comfort a child?

Some ideas for distracting and comforting your baby include:Cuddling and holding.Giving a pacifier.Singing or playing music.Providing a familiar blanket or “lovey.”Rocking rapidly.Showing a mobile or object that changes shapes, colors or positions.Blowing bubbles.Playing peek-a-boo.More items….

What do we learn from the story we are not afraid to die?

The most important lesson that we learn from such hazardous experiences, when we are face-to-face with death, is not to lose hope under any circumstances. At times, life presents very dire situations but if one is optimistic about finding a solution and overcomes the odds, one will always be successful.

What message does we are not afraid to die if we can all be together give?

the message is ‘ unity is strength’ i.e. ” we’re not afraid to die if we all can be together”.

How did the children respond when the captain went into their cabin to comfort them 30 40 words?

How Did The Children Respond When The Captain When Into Their Cabin To Comfort Them? Dear Student, … The children assured the captain that they were all right, when he went into the cabin to comfort them. Sue did not want to bother and distract his father with her injuries.

How did the children behave when the narrator went to comfort?

Answer. Answer: How did the childrens behave when the narrator went to children’s cabin to comfort them From ‘We are not afraid to die….’ The children were hurt but they behaved that they were ok and trusted their father. They displayed great strength and courage which was far beyond their ages.