Quick Answer: Why Do We Have Pet Peeves?

Where do pet peeves come from?

Origin of the concept The term pet peeve was introduced to a wide readership in the single-panel comic strip The Little Pet Peeve in the Chicago Tribune during the period 1916–1920.

The strip was created by cartoonist Frank King, who also created the long-running Gasoline Alley strip..

What are some common pet peeves?

Top 20 Most Common Pet PeevesPeople with obnoxious laughs. Those loud, unnecessarily obnoxious drawn out laughs that you can hear from a mile away.People using your belongings without asking. People shouldn’t touch things that don’t belong to them.Dishes in the sink. … The juice is finished. … Clicking the pen. … Back Up. … Stop staring. … Open mouthed chewers.More items…•

What is your biggest pet peeve meaning?

A pet peeve is a particular thing that bugs you every time. If your pet peeve is how people misuse words, you’re in the right place. A peeve is an annoyance, and a pet peeve is an annoyance that’s nurtured like a pet — it’s something someone can never resist complaining about.

What’s the meaning of Peeves?

noun. a source of annoyance or irritation: Tardiness is one of my greatest peeves. an annoyed or irritated mood: to be in a peeve.

What are the worst pet peeves?

The 60 Worst Pet Peeves Practically Everyone Finds AnnoyingAsking questions during a movie. … Non-apology apologies. … Redundant hashtagging. … People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. … Spoilers (and people who get upset about spoilers) … Guys who bring their guitar to a party. … Aggressive interrupters.More items…

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

12 Super Common Pet Peeves People chewing. … The ‘fanatic’ … People who are chronically late. … When people eat your food without permission. … People who don’t use turn signals. … Paying for shipping. … The person who constantly bashes everything you like. … Constant cell phone distraction.More items…•

What is the opposite of pet peeve?

In my opinion, the opposite of a ‘pet peeve’, is a ‘pleasant delight’. For example, consider this: Instead of me coming home and having to bring in the garbage cans, check the mail, and figure out what my kids need for dinner, they do all those things for me.

Why is it called a pet?

Pet the noun probably comes from the the scottish origin of petty, which is based the french word of petit. The word petit in french at the time referred to small children. Afterwards, it was then applied to companion animals because they were generally small. Thus they became “pets.”

What is another word for pet peeve?

What is another word for pet peeve?irritantannoyancepestbotherpinprickhassleheadacheinconveniencemenacepeeve139 more rows

What are some girl pet peeves?

32 Pet Peeves Of The Girl Who’s Easily Annoyed1.) People who don’t know when to shut the hell up.2.) People who make everything about them.3.) When people stare.4.) Loud chewers.5.) When people don’t use their turn signal.6.) Slow walkers.7.) When my favorite show switches an actor without warning, like I’m not going to notice.8.)More items…

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

76 Incredibly Accurate Pet Peeves That Will Drive. You. Nuts.Loud chewing, or people chewing with their mouths open.When people are late or make me run late because I’m waiting for them.People who are chronically late. … People who scuff their feet as they walk down the street, especially if they’re wearing UGGs.People smoking electronic cigarettes around non-smokers.More items…•

What are your pet peeves answer?

One way to answer this question is to focus on a pet peeve that is unrelated to the job (for example, your pet peeve might be people who do not use their blinkers when they drive). … For example, if the job involves a lot of teamwork, you might say your pet peeve is when a person cannot effectively work with a group.

What are pet peeves at work?

Top 5 Pet Peeves in the U.S.:People who don’t take ownership of their actions.Constant complainers.People who don’t clean up after themselves when using the fridge, the microwave or other common areas.Boring meetings that start late or go way too long.People who consistently seem to miss your email.

Why is it called a pet hate?

“Peeve” is derived from the much older word “peevish,” which means “querulous” or “easily irritated.” “Peevish” comes from late Middle English, with examples appearing as early as the 15th century. … Before “pet peeve” came along, people had “pet hatred” and “pet aversion.”