Are You Still A Kid In Your 20s?

Is 27 still a kid?

Having said that, maturity is completely different.

While you aren’t a kid chronological, others might consider you to be one based on maturity.

But even by nature standards, 27 isn’t a kid regardless.

maybe you’re still a teen physically and don’t look like a true adult yet..

Is 22 still a kid?

Young adult or young kid. Fine. You’re a “young kid”. You’re 22, going to school on your parents dime, maybe the state’s, and you not only don’t have a job.. you’re living at home.

Is a 21 year old still a child?

So it’s all relative. 21 is stil a child according to science. Neurology discovered that people in their early twenties have the same brain as teenaged minors. The mid twenties are the period when the brain is fully developed and the brain changes from adolescent to adult.

Is 19 years old still a child?

Originally Answered: Is 19 still a kid? No, it’s a young adult. They don’t have the brain development of an adult yet, but they shouldn’t be treated as children either. It’s an in-between stage.